Flash Photo 1 FRIENDLY & FUN:
To ensure a strong Jewish tomorrow it's imperative that our children recognize that their Jewishness is not a subject of anxiety and dread rather an experience that is enriching and fulfilling.
boy painting.jpg HANDS-ON LESSONS:
The best method of education is by way of experience. At Chabad we aim to present Judaism as more than an ideology. We believe that Judsism should be a tangible experience.
We intend to transmit to your child the best of Jewish knowledge at an affordable price for you. It is ingrained in the Chabad method that every child deserves a Jewish education. If our rates are beyond your means, allow us to work with you to make it happen. 
You don't have to be a member to participate in any of Chabad's programs including our Florence Fondino Hebrew School. Thanks to our supporters and contributors Chabad is able to keep its doors open to 'one and all'. 

Chabad's Florence Fondino Hebrew School is open to boys & girls ages 6 - 12.

20151123_154927 (1).jpg LOCATION:
Our classes are held at the casual and inviting atmosphere of Chabad of Nashoba Valley. Your child will love gaining their Jewish growth without the anxieties attached to a classroom or school environment.
 Goals and Outcomes
We aim to imbue our children with a genuine and pleasant appreciation for their Jewish heritage, traditions and history. For our Jewishness to flourish it can't be a mere subject in our lives. It must be a current that flows through every facet of our lives.
Curriculum Portal
Jewish culture, language, holidays and traditions are not just powerful and relevant ideas, but they are our heritage and our history. Students will feel a sense of belonging. They will see the Torah as the guide to their lives, and living a Jewish life as writing their chapter in the narrative of the Jewish people.
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Joy generates energy; it pushes us forward and gives us a sense of productivity and growth. People are passionate about the things they enjoy and the experience of Judaism is enhanced when it is a pleasurable and enjoyable one. We focus on the joy of Judaism and in the happiness and delightful living it gives us.
We will be providing a small snack, but suggest that your children have something to eat after school as well.