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Chabad Women's Circle

Chabad Women's Circle



C habad Women's Circle is designed to create an atmosphere of inspiration, creativity and camaraderie. All Jewish women of the Nashoba Valley, regardless of affiliation and background are welcome. Each gathering features a fun & informative hands on experience, discussion on Jewish femininity, and exploration of the Jewish Heroines of our hi story.


We Meet every other month at Chabad House in honoring the women's holiday of Rosh Chodesh.

Call us, email us, or just walk right in on us.

All meetings start at 8:00 PM (unless otherwise noted)


Schedule For 2016 / 2017  
Wednesday, September 14
Title Malkie's Birthday - Birthdays and Rosh Hashana
Activity Rosh Hashana Center Piece Craft
Fee $8.00
Wednesday, November 2
Title Hashem's Keys
Activity The Key To... 
Fee $8.00
Tuesday, December 27 
Title What is the difference between one oil and another?
Activity Chanukah Gift Makin
Fee $8.00
Saturday, February 25 

Title Escorting the Shabbat Queen
Activity Game Night
Fee $8.00

Sunday, May 28  
Title Torah Differences between Meat & Dairy
Activity Dairy Delights (cooking)
Fee $8.00


The Jewish Woman
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