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Classic Jewish Texts, Judaism 1-2-3, Kabbalah & Chassidism, Stories, Living, History & Current Events, Multimedia and more...

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Insights and inspiration for the routines and struggles of daily life: commentary on current events and contemporary issues. articles on parenting and relationships, and more.


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From birth to death in Jewish tradition and practice. research every and any milestone in your life,with a Jewish perspective .

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Some of the fundamental observances that define our lives as Jews and connect us to each other and to G‑d.


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From the basics to Israel & Moshiach, Torah & science, questions & answers.


Explore the hidden. The energy inside matter, Divinity behind science, and the spark that illuminates every facet of reality.




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Thousands of Audio files featuring classes and lectures on every imaginable topic throughout the wide spectrum of Jewish thought.

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Good Jewish Shtick that will keep your kids busy for many healthy hours.


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Search for a Chabad Center near you. North America, Central & South America, Europe, Middle East Africa, Asia, and Australia.

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Articles and reflections on a wide range of topics relating to spirituality in femininity, relationships, motherhood, and more, with practical perspective.


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Chabad experts blogging on multitudes of subjects, issues, problems, and current affairs.


Guides, instructions, customs, recipes, and tips  for every Jewish Holiday.




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