Passover Schedule 2018/5778 
Chabad of Nashoba Valley

Date Event

Prior to Passover 

Join a Passover Seder

Prior to Passover Do your Passover Shopping
Prior to Passover Fill out the "Sale of Chometz" form
Thursday, March 29: after 7:53 PM Search for Chometz
Friday, March, 30: 10:42 AM Cease all eating of Chometz
Friday, March, 30: 11:46 AM Close all cabinets/spaces where Chometz is present. Destroy all other Chometz.
Friday, March, 30: 6:51 PM Light Candles

Friday, March 30: 6:45 PM

First Passover Seder at Chabad

Saturday, March 31: 9:30 AM Passover Service followed by Kiddush

Saturday, March, 31: After 7:53 PM

Light Candles

Saturday, March 31: 8:30 PM

Second Passover Seder at Chabad

Sunday, April 1: 10:00 AM Passover Service followed by Kiddush

Sunday, April 1: 7:54 PM

Holiday Ends, beginning Intermediate Days
Thursday, April 5: 6:58 PM             Light Candles
Friday, April 6: 6:59 PM Light Candles

Saturday, April 7: 9:30 AM Festival/Yizkor Service

Saturday, April 7: 8:02 PM Passover ends.  You may reclaim, use and consume Chometz items.

Sunday, April 8: 10:00 AM

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