Rosh Hashanah Schedule:

Usher in the New Year with us. Connect with each prayer and understand her significance. Jump aboard and take the journey with us toward a sweet and rewarding New Year.


Yom Kippur Scheulde:

The service can be long, dreary, and confusing amidst an unrelenting hunger and fatigue. Relax with Chabad for an interactive experience, as we bring fascinating discussions into the mix.


Sukkot & Simchat Torah: 

Our full range of family programs to celebrate this beautiful and rich festival. Make sure to bring your family and learn all about this Jewish Holiday at the Chabad Sukkah. 




  Are you confused when sitting in synagogue
during the High Holidays?

  Welcome to
High Holiday Services `a la carte!


 In an attempt to make your synagogue experience more enjoyable and less confusing we present to you our High Holiday schedule offering a traditional & authentic experience with continuous guidance and commentary by the Rabbi.


All High Holiday services will be held in the spacious and inviting atmosphere of the "Chabad High Holiday Outdoor Tent" situated on the Chabad House lawn at
26 Tadmuck Road, in Westford, Mass.


At Chabad, no prior knowledge is necessary to experience our inspiring and meaningful High Holiday services to the fullest. Be an active participant as we pray from English-Hebrew prayer books, sing, and talk about the meaning of the age-old words. 


As always our "NO FEES FOR SEATS - DON'T PAY TO PRAY" policy allows everyone to feel comfortable at Chabad regardless of background, affiliation, or financial means.


We look forward to personally welcoming you during the High Holidays.
Best wishes for a happy and sweet New Year!


Rabbi Zalman & Malkie 



Our complete High Holiday Program is dedicated to the memory of
Dr. Laszlo - Nosson Ben Yechiel Halevi - Tauber