Chabad Florence Fondino's Hebrew School 




In our classes our time is utilized to help your child gain knowledge in each of the following subjects



Hebrew Reading:
We use the "Aleph Champ" program  which is modeled after the Karate/Martial Arts motivational system, it works by dividing different reading skills into levels defined by color. Children learn at their own pace, moving from one color belt to the next.



Torah Time:
This is a snapshot view of the earliest history of our nation. It includes the stories of Israel's three patriarchs and four matriarchs. It shows how their lives, thousands of years ago, impact our lives today.

My Jewish Home:
This subject journeys through the various rooms of the average home to emphasize different traditions and rituals that apply to each respectively.



Music & Drama:
Threaded throughout all of our curriculum, different teaching techniques are implemented to help our children learn and shine. We implement music, crafts, drama, and even science to cater to the learning styles and the interests of each child.


Jewish Values:
Honor your parents, Love your fellow, Charity, Hospitality and Kindness are some of the staples of Jewish behavior. Jewish scholarship isn't even half of the Jewish puzzle. The Jewish attitude and approach to life is a very integral piece of Jewish upbringing. 




Jewish History:
 It's important to allow our children a familiarity with the famous personalities and episodes in Jewish history. We introduce to your child the stories of Moshe, Yirmiyahu, Ezra, Rabbi Akiva, Mainonidies and others directly responsible for guaranteeing the chain of Jewish history. 



Jewish Holidays:

Almost every Jewish child heard about Chanukah and Passover. But shouldn't they also know about Tu B'shvat, Lag Ba'omer and everything in between? At Chabad your child will come home with all the tools and knowledge to make these holidays real.