Experience a Friday Night Family Dinner at Chabad House - The Living Room of Positive Jewish Experiences.

Friday Night really comes alive at Chabad House. A warm and relaxing Shabbat aura pervades the atmosphere. The Shabbat candles flicker, the table is filled with delicious Shabbat foods, captivating discussions, joyous song, and smiles bright on everyone's faces. You're right at home with Chabad!

Discuss the meaning of it all, connect with it's spark, and ask questions. You got questions? We've got answers! 


Call or email us to schedule a convenient Friday Night dinner, with Chabad, for yourself or your family . Everyone is welcome at Chabad. It's the place to acquaint yourself with Jewish life in an embracing and totally non judgmental environment. Chabad House is the place to learn, to grow, and to enjoy. 

Choose a convenient date to spend a warm Friday Night at Chabad. We look forward to your joining us soon for a warm and pleasant Friday evening experience.