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Chabad's Florence Fondino Hebrew School - Session # 4
Starting in under 2 weeks On April 24th for Level 3 and on April 29th for levels 1 &2.
Our meetings each week are on Zoom- where we see and hear each other and interact in engaging ways. 
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Upcoming events
Oct. 02, 2022
A casual breakfast with great Jewish Schmoozing, followed by a moment wrapped in Tefillin & Prayer.
Oct. 04, 2022
Usher in the Holy Day of Yom Kippur with Chabad. Open to all. No Charge.
Oct. 05, 2022
A meaningful Morning Service designed to make your Yom Kippur a rewarding experience
Oct. 05, 2022
Invite your Loved Ones to join with you on the Yom Kippur journey